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  • 51 04:04 Popular Adam Ford TV Hosting Showreel 3

    Adam Ford TV Hosting Showreel 3

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    Adam Ford is an actor, host and voice-over artist based in Melbourne, Australia. This is his latest TV hosting showreel. For more details visit www.adamford.com.au.Showreel created by: Brave Archer Films®www.bravearcherfilms.com

  • 52 02:19 Popular Renovator / TV Host Demo.mov

    Renovator / TV Host Demo.mov

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    If you are a Television Production company or a Casting Director looking for a host or co-host for your new TV Renovation Series, then check out my demo!

  • 53 03:26 Popular JULIA ACHILLEOS - Host - SHOWREEL 2014


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    Julia Achilleos is a TV Presenter, Actor and Voice Artist fromAustralia with over 15 years experience working in TV, Film, TVC's,Web, Corporate and Training videos as well as Hosting Stage Shows andMC work. For more details visit http://www.juliaachilleos

  • 54 06:31 Popular Jess Nugent

    Jess Nugent

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    While I love modelling, hosting/presenting and acting; I have a passion for the entire creative process, especially when it comes together to create meaningful and stunning works of art. I study psychology because I am intrigued by the human mind and how

  • 55 03:57 Popular Cat Commander

    Cat Commander

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  • 56 01:28 Popular Monique Campanella

    Monique Campanella

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    Audition Video

  • 57 00:42 Popular Mr Marcus

    Mr Marcus

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    My name is Mr. Marcus; I am a professional Street Performer, Entertainer and Host. I juggle chainsaws, fireworks, knives, fire torches and I can also sing . Don't get me confused with the other Mr Marcus...

  • 58 01:19 Popular Justine Ingaliso Host - Pizza Piazza

    Justine Ingaliso Host - Pizza Piazza

    by Admin 1,433 Views / 1 Likes

    Justine Ingaliso Presenter - Pizza Piazza 2013 Location: Pizza Piazza State: Melbourne, Victoria

  • 59 00:51 Popular Marine Paulsen

    Marine Paulsen

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    I absolutely love being in the entertainment industry and i love what i do. I have a passion for working with people and doing different things all the time.

  • 60 03:16 Popular Benjamin Norris

    Benjamin Norris

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    Speaking as Benjamin's manager, I can confidently say that Benjamin is a well traveled, well presented, well spoken all round TV star. Big Brother catapulted him into the Australian spotlight and his work in the entertainment industry over the last 3 year

  • 61 03:03 Popular Pete Wells Television Host

    Pete Wells Television Host

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    Peter joins Mike Whitney and the team atSydney Weekenderto take viewers on an exciting weekend itinerary. In recent episodes Pete’s been dolphin spotting, learnt trapeze for the circus, and swung through the forest on Tarzan ropes. Pete is co-host

  • 62 02:26 Popular Rebecca Jane Harris Showreel

    Rebecca Jane Harris Showreel

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    I have been acting since I was 7 years old. Training in singing, dance and acting. I have had roles in film and television productions and am currently a host for the Youtube Channel 'Hollywood Teen Movies'.

  • 63 05:35 Popular TV Host, writer, journalist, producer and Personal Trainer.

    TV Host, writer, journalist, producer and Personal Trainer.

    by Admin 1,391 Views / 1 Likes

    Dynamic and results focused journalist and TV Presenter, with a verifiable record of achievement in programming, both nationally and internationally.• Presenting for TV, internet and DVD.• Writing for TV, documentaries, internet, news and magazi

  • 64 01:15 Popular Mr Lindsay Moss

    Mr Lindsay Moss

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    Lindsayscareer over the past 18 years has brought himplenty of experience in the roles of actor, voice artist, host,producer and director. This has involved working along side the industry’s best people on productions such as; “Heartbreak High

  • 65 03:14 Popular Rich Davine

    Rich Davine

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    Host With The Most is how I want to start my career inacting which became my new passion after I played a Zombie Extra in a student film in 2007. I love being on set and have enjoyed every Film, TV and Modeling experience. I am very easy to work with and

  • 66 03:15 Popular Diego Arnary

    Diego Arnary

    by Admin 1,377 Views / 0 Likes

    Modeling, TVC and Music Videos from 2010 to present.

  • 67 00:36 Popular Could This Be The Ellen DeGeneres Of Australia? TV Host With The Most Competition!

    Could This Be The Ellen DeGeneres Of Australia? TV Host With The Most Competition!

    by Admin 1,357 Views / 1 Likes

    This entrant really does seem like a natural host and you can easily imagine her with her own show just like Ellen. Its a short clip but she manages to get her point......

  • 68 08:35 Popular Laura Andon Hosts Relay For Life - Cancer Council!

    Laura Andon Hosts Relay For Life - Cancer Council!

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    Model, Presenter/Host, Author, Actor, Surfer, Brand Ambassador MANAGEMENT - CHIC CELEBRITY: www.chiccelebrity.com.au/celebrity/clients/1425/laura-andon

  • 69 03:21 Popular BEN STARR a natural host

    BEN STARR a natural host

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    Ben Starr is a dynamic, engaging host with over 25 years media experience. Ben works as an announcer, voice over artist, radio programmer, MC and documentary filmmaker and is able to adapt to any situation.Ben combines’ his passion and enthusiasm fo

  • 70 01:50 Popular Josh Gurgiel

    Josh Gurgiel

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  • 71 01:28 Popular Shanan Noonan Tv Host Showreel

    Shanan Noonan Tv Host Showreel

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    Shanan Noonan is an up and coming Australian talent. Her professionalism, together with her charismatic presentation skills brings a fresh, energetic and genuine personality to the screen. Her passion, likeability and strong work ethic attract clients to

  • 72 02:58 Popular Luke Heath Fitness Host Showreel

    Luke Heath Fitness Host Showreel

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    Luke Heath is a highly regarded Australian Fitness Professional and Entrepreneur, Creator of his own Group Fitness programs, National Group Fitness Trainer and Presenter, Presenter of Luke Heath 5 Minute Workout Series, Personal Trainer and athlete.Luke '

  • 73 01:37 Popular Travel Host Audition

    Travel Host Audition

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    This was a video submission for a callback for a travel show host. Since I sent this application video in but then it wasn't watched I thought I'd still send...

  • 74 02:43 Popular Paul Hancock Showreel 2013

    Paul Hancock Showreel 2013

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    I'm a professional voice-artist, national TV host on Channel 9's 'Mornings', stand-up comedian, radio presenter and actor. I have hosted radio shows on both the Nova and Austereo networks including hosting the National Hot 30 countdown. Ok, so I don't sta

  • 75 02:22 Popular Presenting...OSbazORNE


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    Introducing Michael Osborne and Basil Curtis, collectively known as OSbazORNE. In this video, they're talking about their next adventure to the United States...

  • 76 02:39 Popular Chrissie Swan Big Brother 2003

    Chrissie Swan Big Brother 2003

    by Admin 1,287 Views / 0 Likes

    Big Brother creates Chrissie Swan and here is when we first saw her .

  • 77 04:08 Popular Body Rock Host Auditions

    Body Rock Host Auditions

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  • 78 01:30 Popular Rob Duckworth wants a hug

    Rob Duckworth wants a hug

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    Rob has spent most of his life on air and has just returned to Australia after spending a year in Dubai hosting a National breakfast radio show for the United Arab Emirates on Radio 2. Rob has also hosted breakfast and drive time shows on Triple M Sydney

  • 79 01:55 Popular Candy Hertz TV  Showreel

    Candy Hertz TV Showreel

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    Hi my name's Candy and I'm a TV and Radio Presenter and MC. I co-host Breakfast Radio for Southern Cross Austereo's STAR FM Shepparton as well as present on Southern Cross Ten's Weeknights. Please check out my full website at www.candyhertz.com and I hope

  • 80 15:00 Popular Ivan Martin

    Ivan Martin

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    I have extensive experience in the fashion industry , working for brands such as Superdry or Denim & Supply. I feel I am a dynamic, efficient, open-minded and enthusiastic person as being able to follow instructions either with little or no supervisio

  • 81 01:14 Popular Franc Violi

    Franc Violi

    by Admin 1,173 Views / 0 Likes

    Franc Violi is the consummate performer: whether on Stage, Screen, as a Host or just reducing you to giggles at the dinner table, he’s a generous, quintessential character actor whose energy and warm personality shines out of everything he does. Sin

  • 82 04:47 Popular The Wacky World of Warwick Capper. A reality show that's actually a comedy.

    The Wacky World of Warwick Capper. A reality show that's actually a comedy.

    by Admin 1,159 Views / 0 Likes

    Here's the creative story behind trying to get a new Australian TV project in play. The Wacky World of Warwick Capper. A reality show that's actually a comedy. Warwick's World.... A new late night half hour weekly show soon to be on Aussie TV.

  • 83 03:48 Popular Matt Flint - Host Showreel

    Matt Flint - Host Showreel

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    Matt Flint - Presenter Showreel.

  • 84 04:23 Popular Aaron McCarthy Australian TV Host Showreel

    Aaron McCarthy Australian TV Host Showreel

    by Admin 1,092 Views / 0 Likes

    Aaron McCarthy is an Australian Television Host who made his debut into the media world via a Comedy Breakfast TV Show o...

  • 85 01:12 Popular Alex Woods TV Hosting Showreel

    Alex Woods TV Hosting Showreel

    by Admin 1,089 Views / 0 Likes

    Alex Woods is a name & personality you want to represent your product on any medium.With a diverse background of experience in the performing arts, TV presenting, Public Relations, modeling & being a Mum, Alex has a lot to offer when presenting fo

  • 86 01:20 Popular Carlee TV Hosting Showreel

    Carlee TV Hosting Showreel

    by Admin 1,085 Views / 0 Likes

    Carlee Opitz shows us some of her more recent TV Commercials, infomercials and advertorials as a TV Host.

  • 87 02:25 Popular Henrietta Moore

    Henrietta Moore

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    Henrietta is well regarded in the hosting/presenting industry having anchored for the global television network ‘Fashion One’, covering lifestyle, fashion and entertainment news. Fashion one is distributed in 120 countries worldwide with a glo

  • 88 04:49 Popular Paul Harrison

    Paul Harrison

    by Admin 1,076 Views / 0 Likes

    Paul describes himself as a typicalAussie wanker and thats why he feels he'd make a great Host.

  • 89 01:15 Popular Cold Plunge Pool Peninsula Hot Springs, Mornington Peninsula, Australia

    Cold Plunge Pool Peninsula Hot Springs, Mornington Peninsula, Australia

    by Admin 1,071 Views / 0 Likes

    Fun Travel TV want to share with you some of the great Travel experiences that can be enjoyed in Australia and the South Pacific. Subscribe and follow our adventures.

  • 90 03:17 Popular Ashley Hawkes Showreel

    Ashley Hawkes Showreel

    by Admin 1,067 Views / 0 Likes

    Currently based in Sydney, Australia, Ashley Hawkes in an actor from Matata, New Zealand.Australian Representation by RGMwww.rgm.com.autracey@rgm.com.au61 2 9281 3911NZ Representation by Kathryn Rawlingswww.kractors.co.nze: kathryn@kractors.co.nzph: 64 9

  • 91 03:06 Popular Shane Jolley

    Shane Jolley

    by Admin 1,064 Views / 0 Likes

    Shane Jolley loves life. Whether it be as a television Presenter/Host, actor, media personality, radio presenter or corporate presenter - his warmth, wit and humour has proved over and over to be a winning combination. Based in the heart of 'Melbourne', A

  • 92 06:07 Popular Andy Rosher

    Andy Rosher

    by Admin 1,062 Views / 0 Likes

    Andy Rosher has been working in the media industry since 2000, he started out behind the camera as a sound recordist and producer – from recorded pieces to live television and he still works as a freelancer.Anyone and everyone who has met Andy has a

  • 93 04:36 Popular Host/Hostess Audition

    Host/Hostess Audition

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    Hosting food/cooking show

  • 94 02:41 Popular Korum Ellis

    Korum Ellis

    by Admin 1,035 Views / 0 Likes

    Korum Ellis is a fresh face in the Australian film, television and modelling industries working in Melbourne as well as Perth. Consistently representing brands as a fashion or catalogue model and recently well accomplished in local and international film

  • 95 05:10 Popular Demo ShowReel #1 for Craig Walker

    Demo ShowReel #1 for Craig Walker

    by Admin 1,018 Views / 0 Likes

    I've been performing for 40 years.. and in that time I've been an Actor, Urban Historian, Special Events Manager, Self-employed IT and Security Consultant and all around good-guy (kind of)... I enjoy writing, watching off-beat (cult) movies (from Rocky Ho

  • 96 02:52 Popular Simone Heng TV Showreel

    Simone Heng TV Showreel

    by Admin 1,016 Views / 0 Likes

    Simone Heng is a Singapore-born Australian TV and radio presenter based in Dubai. (Simone gets her exotic looks from a Chinese Singaporean father and a Portu...

  • 97 02:59 Popular Diab Metry

    Diab Metry

    by Admin 1,016 Views / 0 Likes

    A versatile and dedicated actor, willing to tackle any role head on with understanding and dimension. A unique talent that definitely stands out from the rest. Voted most fascinating actor May 2013 - http://www.starcentralmagazine.com/most-fascinating-act

  • 98 04:58 Popular Lauren Birdsall

    Lauren Birdsall

    by Admin 1,014 Views / 0 Likes

    Lauren is a professional Actor, Dancer and Model with fulltime acting and dance training and experience in the industry. She is positive and hard working which enables her to achieve the best possible results for every project.

  • 99 03:26 Popular Guy May

    Guy May

    by Admin 1,003 Views / 0 Likes

    I am trained actor, opera singer, character voice artist with a nice face and trim, fit build with a burning desire to perform!!! I am energetic, creative and love collaborating. I work in well with dialogue and scripts. I have worked 2011-2012 on numerou

  • 100 00:51 Popular Natasha Lyne-Williams: Hosting Showreel

    Natasha Lyne-Williams: Hosting Showreel

    by Admin 999 Views / 0 Likes

    Natasha Lyne-Williams' acting career spans more than 10 years. She has worked on TV shows including Neighbours (Channel 10), Blue Heelers (Channel Seven), Queen Kat Carmel and St Jude (ABC), and Kid's Life (Channel 31).Natasha has appeared in feature film