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Every person needs a start.

Let yours start here at Host With The Most


Whether you're an exceptional talent or just a nobody you now have a chance to be the next big star .



Shows can range from cooking to finance, animals to comedy. It doesn’t matter as long as it’s original and entertaining. People who have unique talents are now given the perfect opportunity to become the next big star and be known by the whole world with the help of Host With The Most. In order to find aspiring hosts, Host With The Most will be working hand in hand with the contestants to launch the very first of its kind online talent competition in Australia. Anyone who is interested to join can upload their videos that will showcase their talents and skills in any kind of hosting role, whether it is for entertainment, money and financing, talk and interview, quiz show, documentary, and many others.

Bearing the slogan “Every person needs a start let yours start here,” Host With the Most promises to deliver two things – a brand new talent that will surely capture the attention of the whole nation and a unique online show. This  means that people can expect  loads of fun and entertainment with this newest competition that will hit not just the Australian online community but the whole world as well.