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  • 01:08 Popular Competition Instruction Video

    Competition Instruction Video

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    HOW DO I POST MY VIDEO ON HOST WITH THE MOST? First you need to register and sign in to Host With The Most .You can only upload amaximum10MB video or you can post your video to YouTube (or another, similar site) and send us the URL at Suggest video / Uplo

  • 02:54 Popular Simon Brook McLachlan Acting Showreel

    Simon Brook McLachlan Acting Showreel

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    Sydney based Actor/Singer/Dancer/Model/Presenter/Host. Willing to travel. Very professional and well trained. Much industry experience, quick learner, excellent with people, and brilliant industry reputation. Very personable, versatile, and able to think

  • 02:52 Popular Abigail


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    Actress - Model - Host - Presenter Abigail is a full-time professional actress/model and presenter. She was recently awarded BEST ACTRESS for the 2013 Australian Screen Industry Network awards for her recent lead role in a sci-fi feature film which has re

  • 02:49 Popular Jordan Finlayson

    Jordan Finlayson

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    Australia's Chiko Chick 2013. Beauty & The Geek S3 'Runner Up' 2011. Currently a Cheerleader for the NBL Sydney Kings & the NRL Cronulla Sharks. Aspiring TV & Radio Presenter/Host/Professional Dancer/Experienced Brand Ambassador & Establis

  • 01:07 Popular The amazing Jack Mackinnon

    The amazing Jack Mackinnon

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    Once you have seen Jack you wont look back. Professionally trained presenter / host, musician and actor.

  • 01:19 Popular Yannick Lawry - Showreel 2014

    Yannick Lawry - Showreel 2014

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    British actor - based in Sydney for the last six years. An established radio/tv presenter and a recognised voice-over both in Australia and the UK. Great at character work. Currently shooting "Australia: The Story of Us" screening on Channel 7 in Septembe

  • 02:08 Popular Cindy Oemcke

    Cindy Oemcke

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    I am a professional TV presenter, host, dancer, model & actor. My main passions are TV presenting, acting and modelling and I have been lucky enough to have worked consistently in a variety of professional roles. I have been fortunate to have an excit

  • 05:42 Popular Josh Phillipps

    Josh Phillipps

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    Josh Phillipps is the entertainment news reporter for online web radio station Hitz 247, the host of a series of online educational videos and producer and host of a weekly Australian news podcast called The Aussie Update. Josh studied Film & TV produ

  • 02:27 Popular Thomas Kay

    Thomas Kay

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    Melbourne-based actor Thomas Kay's recent highlights include roles in "Love Taps" at La Mama Courthouse, "A Comedy of Errors" (2014 Shakespeare on the River Festival in Stratford), Neighbours webisode "Brennan on the Run" and the Californian Film Festival

  • 00:21 Popular ROS Melbourne

    ROS Melbourne

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    I have been modeling since the age of 13. I have extensive experience in photo shoots, catwalk, TVC and promotions and am very proficient and host. I have recently begun acting again and have received a great response at my auditions and performances. I h

  • 02:39 Popular Nadia Stamp Hosting Showreel

    Nadia Stamp Hosting Showreel

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    I am a highly experienced TV Host, Model and MC. I have worked as a radio presenter/ personality for 4 years and a regular online host for ongoing online channels. I can write scripts for clients with call to action messages. I memorise scripts and presen

  • 02:01 Popular Advanced news story Project James Preston

    Advanced news story Project James Preston

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    James is a talented entertainer as a performer and recording artist, a radio presenter, television host and actor/model. As an artist "Preston", James has supported Grammy nominated rapper Ja Rule, platinum selling rapper/tv host Xzibit, performed and hos

  • 02:00 Popular Yolandi Franken Showreel

    Yolandi Franken Showreel

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    Yolandi has been passionate about the process of film making from an early age and started her acting and modelling while still in school in South Africa. She completed her formal qualifications in modelling, television hostingand acting in the first few

  • 02:31 Popular Tim Crowe

    Tim Crowe

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    I'm a confident professional actor with the kind of life experience that would make your head spin. Fortunately my colourful past has endowed me with such a huge arsenal of emotion and depth of which to draw from that I feel confident stepping into any ch

  • 01:54 Popular Alyssa Stringfellow

    Alyssa Stringfellow

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    I am a professionally trained model and actress with the ability to present, host and MC events. I am a trained dancer and vocalist and hopeful Ninja. I have currently completed modeling contracts all over the world and can boast the same with my acting c

  • 04:29 Popular Louie Athanasiou Showreel 2014

    Louie Athanasiou Showreel 2014

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    Multi talented entertainer, DJ, children's host, radio / TV host, writer, director, actor, extra and voice over artist.

  • 09:10 Popular Inouk Mackay Showreel

    Inouk Mackay Showreel

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    Inouk Mackay is a familiar television face having spent several years appearing on the Seven Network. She worked as Seven's weekend weather presenter and as a reporter with their Victorian-based travel program Discover. Most recently she was a host and pr

  • 02:01 Popular Matthew McDowell 2014 Showreel

    Matthew McDowell 2014 Showreel

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    Im an experienced actor, singer and host and I have appeared on HOTSource (Channel 9) Brisbane Extra (Channel 9) as well as acting in over 50 TVC's Short films, and Corporate videos Contact Matthew:+61 (0)422 364 048 mcdowellimpressions.com

  • 02:13 Popular Joey Zuber Hosting Showreel

    Joey Zuber Hosting Showreel

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    For the past four years Joey has been the official TV host for the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series, which is broadcasted internationally. He is now expanding his roles into other sports and travel shows. Joey also acts as a cliff diving consultant for

  • 00:41 Popular Marissa Nieves

    Marissa Nieves

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    Marissa is a an established fitness and lifestyle model, NIDA qualified host and sought after nutrition, fitness and life coach. She can be seen in numerous print, editorial and television campaigns promoting her world and showing her true dedication to

  • 02:54 Popular Jonathan Newton - Show Reel - 2014

    Jonathan Newton - Show Reel - 2014

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    Jonathan Newton is a Melbourne based actor, host, comedian, voice over artist and and is represented by the wonderful team at Gilchrist Management. No he is not related to Bert, Patty & Matthew just in case you were wondering. You can follow Jonathan

  • 01:49 Popular Rebecca Thompson

    Rebecca Thompson

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    Hello, Just a little about me: I'm a passionate, bubbly, dedicated hardworking girl that normally succeeds in anything I put my mind too. I plan on working on Getaway one day so if you're from channel 9.. hit me up! I have plenty of experience in this ind

  • 04:05 Popular Carlos Diaz

    Carlos Diaz

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    I am a actor, presenter and host. On my profile you can view all my acting experiences, mostly in films. I studied presenting at NIDA and have presented shows such as 'Local Loop' and 'Vision Liverpool.' I am also the host of the radio show 'The Vibe' on

  • 03:13 Popular Liz Cantor

    Liz Cantor

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    After a whirl wind year in 2005, which saw Liz beat 12 other contestants to win Channel 7’s reality show “The Mole”, the self confessed water baby has become a favourite on Seven Queensland. These days she is seen as the host of the Live

  • 03:54 Popular Career highlight - host of a TV reality show

    Career highlight - host of a TV reality show

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    Songwriter with experience in a variety of roles. His passion is screen acting and a career highlight to date is being cast as the host of a TV reality show in Las Vegas USA. Working along side 'Hannah's Montana's' Romi Dames.SPECIAL SKILL: the ability to

  • 00:17 Popular GURU Gill

    GURU Gill

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    Professional Model, Actor and Host. I am good at following director's instruction and enjoy adding creative input. I work well alone and in a group.

  • 04:13 Popular Host - 'Time Machine' A Festival of Experimential Time Based ART

    Host - 'Time Machine' A Festival of Experimential Time Based ART

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    HOST/ACTOR / DIRECTOR / PRODUCER / PRESENTER / PERFORMER … General All Rounder … Cheers Giles (G)

  • 02:57 Popular Lisa Williams Showreel

    Lisa Williams Showreel

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  • 02:58 Popular Luke Heath Fitness Host Showreel

    Luke Heath Fitness Host Showreel

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    Luke Heath is a highly regarded Australian Fitness Professional and Entrepreneur, Creator of his own Group Fitness programs, National Group Fitness Trainer and Presenter, Presenter of Luke Heath 5 Minute Workout Series, Personal Trainer and athlete.Luke '

  • 01:14 Popular Franc Violi

    Franc Violi

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    Franc Violi is the consummate performer: whether on Stage, Screen, as a Host or just reducing you to giggles at the dinner table, he’s a generous, quintessential character actor whose energy and warm personality shines out of everything he does. Sin

  • 04:47 Popular ASHLEIGH GIBSON


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    Ashleigh Gibson is a journalist/TV Host who has a charismatic energy to suit many genres. Her reel exhibits a variety of styles including news report, kids educational, music and co-presenting with Rohan Edwards . You can contact Ashleigh at cast@tvproglo

  • 03:03 Popular Pete Wells Television Host

    Pete Wells Television Host

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    Peter joins Mike Whitney and the team atSydney Weekenderto take viewers on an exciting weekend itinerary. In recent episodes Pete’s been dolphin spotting, learnt trapeze for the circus, and swung through the forest on Tarzan ropes. Pete is co-host

  • 07:00 Popular Bridget Zizza

    Bridget Zizza

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    Actor, Model, Musician, Dancer and Host and more Singer, Dancer, Model, Presenter, Actress from Sydney NSW..Im a very Enthusiastic, Friendly person who's very focused and gives everything 100%. I feel at home on stage and on camera...it's my passion! Fol

  • 01:02 Popular Lola Berry Sizzle Reel 2014

    Lola Berry Sizzle Reel 2014

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    When it comes to getting the world excited about health and good food, there is very little Lola Berry won’t do. She’s convinced a TV host to swallow raw wasabi on live, national television. She’s dived into dumpsters on the streets of N

  • 06:18 Popular Romy Alwill

    Romy Alwill

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    In 2008 Romy was chosen as the vivacious interior design presenter for the Nine Network’sDomestic Blitz, a renovation show helping families in need.At the same time she establishedAlwill Interiors, specialising in interior design, furniture and crea

  • 02:52 Popular Peter Andre -'Mysterious Girl'. Yes that guy

    Peter Andre -'Mysterious Girl'. Yes that guy

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    Accomplished worldwide media star, singer, speaker, author and event host Peter has had numerous number 1 hits in the 1990’s and sold over 2 million copies of his hit single 'Mysterious Girl'.After a very successful stint on ITV's 'I'm A Celebrity..

  • 03:06 Popular David Missio Host Reel

    David Missio Host Reel

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    David Missio Host Reel Having a Commerce degree with a major in marketing under his belt, David has a complete understanding of the marketing mix and his role in promoting clients products and services as a trustworthy and relatable brand ambassador. Davi

  • 04:16 Popular Jennifer Eagles -Flys

    Jennifer Eagles -Flys

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  • 01:01 Popular Bianka Demets Host Showreel

    Bianka Demets Host Showreel

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    Bianka shows us some of her more recent on-camera work.

  • 03:21 Popular Jess Williams TV Host Showreel

    Jess Williams TV Host Showreel

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    Born in Toowoomba, Jess Williams grew up and spent most of her time in Brisbane, Australia. In her youth, Jess took full advantage of the Australian weather and participated in several sports, showing great potential with all things outdoors. Though a str

  • 01:04 Popular Darren Dalton TV Host Showreel 2014

    Darren Dalton TV Host Showreel 2014

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  • 01:30 Popular Rob Duckworth wants a hug

    Rob Duckworth wants a hug

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    Rob has spent most of his life on air and has just returned to Australia after spending a year in Dubai hosting a National breakfast radio show for the United Arab Emirates on Radio 2. Rob has also hosted breakfast and drive time shows on Triple M Sydney

  • 02:04 Popular Catherine Ross TV Host

    Catherine Ross TV Host

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    Full of personality and charm it’s easy to see how audiences fall in love with Catherine. With her enchanting smile and talkative eyes she conveys a genuine enthusiasm for people and life that is rare to find. With her confident and warm approach, C

  • 01:15 Popular Mr Lindsay Moss

    Mr Lindsay Moss

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    Lindsayscareer over the past 18 years has brought himplenty of experience in the roles of actor, voice artist, host,producer and director. This has involved working along side the industry’s best people on productions such as; “Heartbreak High

  • 01:28 Popular Shanan Noonan Tv Host Showreel

    Shanan Noonan Tv Host Showreel

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    Shanan Noonan is an up and coming Australian talent. Her professionalism, together with her charismatic presentation skills brings a fresh, energetic and genuine personality to the screen. Her passion, likeability and strong work ethic attract clients to

  • 03:06 Popular Shane Jolley

    Shane Jolley

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    Shane Jolley loves life. Whether it be as a television Presenter/Host, actor, media personality, radio presenter or corporate presenter - his warmth, wit and humour has proved over and over to be a winning combination. Based in the heart of 'Melbourne', A

  • 00:51 Popular Natasha Lyne-Williams: Hosting Showreel

    Natasha Lyne-Williams: Hosting Showreel

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    Natasha Lyne-Williams' acting career spans more than 10 years. She has worked on TV shows including Neighbours (Channel 10), Blue Heelers (Channel Seven), Queen Kat Carmel and St Jude (ABC), and Kid's Life (Channel 31).Natasha has appeared in feature film

  • 02:16 Popular Lee Bradley TV Host Showreel

    Lee Bradley TV Host Showreel

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    Host/British Voice Over/Commercials/Lifestyle and Beauty Expert For the last five years Lee Bradley has built a loyal and lucrative following appearing bi-weekly on live Television in both the U.S. and U.K. His relationship with philosophy, one of the gl

  • 01:20 Popular Carlee TV Hosting Showreel

    Carlee TV Hosting Showreel

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    Carlee Opitz shows us some of her more recent TV Commercials, infomercials and advertorials as a TV Host.

  • 03:21 Popular BEN STARR a natural host

    BEN STARR a natural host

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    Ben Starr is a dynamic, engaging host with over 25 years media experience. Ben works as an announcer, voice over artist, radio programmer, MC and documentary filmmaker and is able to adapt to any situation.Ben combines’ his passion and enthusiasm fo