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  • 00:51 Popular Marine Paulsen

    Marine Paulsen

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    I absolutely love being in the entertainment industry and i love what i do. I have a passion for working with people and doing different things all the time.

  • 01:54 Popular Danielle Francis

    Danielle Francis

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    Actor, Model, Host , Photographer

  • 03:15 Popular Diego Arnary

    Diego Arnary

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    Modeling, TVC and Music Videos from 2010 to present.

  • 15:00 Popular Ivan Martin

    Ivan Martin

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    I have extensive experience in the fashion industry , working for brands such as Superdry or Denim & Supply. I feel I am a dynamic, efficient, open-minded and enthusiastic person as being able to follow instructions either with little or no supervisio

  • 03:45 Popular Jemma Clark

    Jemma Clark

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    RACK N STACK. (APPLES)Produced by D.I.N. Music Video Produced by FRESH LANE COLLECTIVE.

  • 00:53 Popular Michael Christie

    Michael Christie

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    Hi , Im Michael ,I am 25 from New Jersey. I ve always been told I could be a great actor and hit Hollywood by all my friend's and family. So they finally pushed me into giving it a go.. I used go just mess around but Ive been told through my years of bein

  • 04:58 Popular Lauren Birdsall

    Lauren Birdsall

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    Lauren is a professional Actor, Dancer and Model with fulltime acting and dance training and experience in the industry. She is positive and hard working which enables her to achieve the best possible results for every project.

  • 03:17 Popular Ashley Hawkes Showreel

    Ashley Hawkes Showreel

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    Currently based in Sydney, Australia, Ashley Hawkes in an actor from Matata, New Zealand.Australian Representation by RGMwww.rgm.com.autracey@rgm.com.au61 2 9281 3911NZ Representation by Kathryn Rawlingswww.kractors.co.nze: kathryn@kractors.co.nzph: 64 9

  • 04:49 Popular Paul Harrison

    Paul Harrison

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    Paul describes himself as a typicalAussie wanker and thats why he feels he'd make a great Host.

  • 01:05 Popular NICK HARRINGTON


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    I'm a trained actor, presenter and host. I have a confident, outgoing, comfortable personalty. I like adventure and new challenges. I'm easy-going and don't get phased by much. I'm well spoken, articulate, polite and courteous. I am currently studying Law

  • 02:59 Popular Diab Metry

    Diab Metry

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    A versatile and dedicated actor, willing to tackle any role head on with understanding and dimension. A unique talent that definitely stands out from the rest. Voted most fascinating actor May 2013 - http://www.starcentralmagazine.com/most-fascinating-act

  • 02:01 Popular Kelly Belinda Hammond

    Kelly Belinda Hammond

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    Kelly Belinda is a full time actor who completed a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts and Film and Television from Curtin University, Western Australia. She has worked internationally as a singer and entertainer and is an accomplished performer with a capti

  • 01:51 Popular Laura B

    Laura B

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    Experienced Actor, Presenter, Hoat ,Model and Writer

  • 00:31 Popular Tara Talbot

    Tara Talbot

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    Irish/Filipino TV presenter/Host/Model based in Brisbane, Australia.

  • 03:39 Popular Tim Harding (Psylo)

    Tim Harding (Psylo)

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    Multi-award winning Australian Singer/Actor/Host/TV Presenter

  • 03:24 Popular Riley Nottingham Showreel 2014/2015

    Riley Nottingham Showreel 2014/2015

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    23 year old professional actor and singer currently based in Melbourne. Currently seen in ABC's The Gods of Wheat Stree Aran Michael Management P +61 3 9866 5800

  • 05:10 Popular Demo ShowReel #1 for Craig Walker

    Demo ShowReel #1 for Craig Walker

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    I've been performing for 40 years.. and in that time I've been an Actor, Urban Historian, Special Events Manager, Self-employed IT and Security Consultant and all around good-guy (kind of)... I enjoy writing, watching off-beat (cult) movies (from Rocky Ho

  • 03:30 Popular Margareta Moir

    Margareta Moir

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    I'm versatile, hard working and professional. I'm looking for opportunities to develop my talent and seek roles that will entertain, challenge and inspire. Comedy is my favourite genre. I love to make people laugh & specialise in creating memorable, u

  • 02:41 Popular Korum Ellis

    Korum Ellis

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    Korum Ellis is a fresh face in the Australian film, television and modelling industries working in Melbourne as well as Perth. Consistently representing brands as a fashion or catalogue model and recently well accomplished in local and international film

  • 03:06 Popular Jennifer Ashley Acting Show-Reel

    Jennifer Ashley Acting Show-Reel

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    Melbourne based actor, Jennifer Ashley, is highly trained and experienced in all facets of the arts. Please contact her directly on;Email: jbgashley@gmail.comWebsite: http://www.jenny-b-ashley.comJennifer is proudly represented by NOW ACTORS.

  • 05:48 Popular Batuhan Gurel

    Batuhan Gurel

    by Admin Added 411 Views / 0 Likes

    Batuhan Gurel is an actor who has played a wide range of roles in film and stage productions in the Europe and Australia. He recently performed on 'Strictly Ballroom The Musical Promo directed by Bazz Lhurmann. He got his acting training at NIDA, Sydney,

  • 03:57 Popular Cat Commander

    Cat Commander

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  • 03:14 Popular Rich Davine

    Rich Davine

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    Host With The Most is how I want to start my career inacting which became my new passion after I played a Zombie Extra in a student film in 2007. I love being on set and have enjoyed every Film, TV and Modeling experience. I am very easy to work with and

  • 01:05 Popular Tim McDonald

    Tim McDonald

    by Admin Added 477 Views / 0 Likes

    Host , Actor and Model.

  • 06:53 Popular Sonya


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    Sonya is an actress for stage and screen, online host for Kapow! Comic Book Show, and voice over artist. She trained for four years at The Flinders University Drama Centre, and has continued her training through short courses and masterclasses. She is pro

  • 03:30 Popular Richard Lund

    Richard Lund

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    Passionate, commited, professional. I love challenging myself whether it be in acting roles, modeling jobs or hosting roles. The term "Good enough" doesn't exist with me and I always give my best with the high skill set I have. I love having a good time o

  • 02:29 Popular Stephanie Wagner Showreel 2014

    Stephanie Wagner Showreel 2014

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    Actor, Model, Host ,Dancer

  • 01:35 Popular Lea Bournakas - Screentest workshop

    Lea Bournakas - Screentest workshop

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    Lea is a versatile actress with a mesmerizing personality, who is gifted with a natural ability to captivate an audience. Throughout her acting career, she has been trained by various industry professionals, which assisted her in gaining a significant amo

  • 03:41 Popular Ashley McPherson

    Ashley McPherson

    by Admin Added 985 Views / 0 Likes

    Ashley is a professional TV presenter/host based in Melbourne, Australia. Interviews... Commercials... TV... Radio... Master of Ceremonies... Weddings...Documentaries... Function Hosting... Yes, these are all words which are part of Ashley's vocabulary. H

  • 03:43 Popular Pamela Blanche

    Pamela Blanche

    by Admin Added 626 Views / 0 Likes

    Fun, sporty, energetic, determined, loyal & loving! Commercial face/Singer/Songwriter/Actor / Model / Host /Voiceover artist. Intermediate Presenter /Dancer/Comedian. Performed:- TV, Short Films / Extra / Stage musicals, Commercials, Studio's. Cafes,

  • 03:26 Popular Guy May

    Guy May

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    I am trained actor, opera singer, character voice artist with a nice face and trim, fit build with a burning desire to perform!!! I am energetic, creative and love collaborating. I work in well with dialogue and scripts. I have worked 2011-2012 on numerou

  • 02:25 Popular Henrietta Moore

    Henrietta Moore

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    Henrietta is well regarded in the hosting/presenting industry having anchored for the global television network ‘Fashion One’, covering lifestyle, fashion and entertainment news. Fashion one is distributed in 120 countries worldwide with a glo

  • 03:14 Popular Joseph JU Taylor

    Joseph JU Taylor

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    I am passionate, enthusiastic and determined with a commitment to professional development and the craft of acting with the goal of living authentically in imaginary circumstances. I have completed programs at the Australian National Institute of Dramatic

  • 01:37 Popular Meg MacIntosh HOSTING Reel 2014

    Meg MacIntosh HOSTING Reel 2014

    by Admin Added 499 Views / 0 Likes

    Megs extensive TV credits include a recurring role in HOME & AWAY, RAKE, PACKED TO THE RAFTERS, COPS LAC, 12 different characters in the Discovery Channel series DEADLY WOMEN & BEHIND MANSION WALLS. Film credits include features 33 POSTCARDS direc

  • 03:14 Popular Mart Hammond and his Project Audition

    Mart Hammond and his Project Audition

    by Admin Added 415 Views / 0 Likes

    Please write what you think .....

  • 03:20 Popular Jack O'Brien Demo Reel 2014

    Jack O'Brien Demo Reel 2014

    by Admin Added 498 Views / 0 Likes

    For many years, it has been Jack's dream to pursue a career in entertaining people (does that sound like the Host With The Most ).To engage with people and make their day brighter by his own efforts, is by far what he is best at, and what he loves doing t

  • 06:31 Popular Jess Nugent

    Jess Nugent

    by Admin Added 1,446 Views / 0 Likes

    While I love modelling, hosting/presenting and acting; I have a passion for the entire creative process, especially when it comes together to create meaningful and stunning works of art. I study psychology because I am intrigued by the human mind and how

  • 07:38 Popular Rob Lloyd Actor, Comedian and Time Lord

    Rob Lloyd Actor, Comedian and Time Lord

    by Admin Added 621 Views / 0 Likes

    Robert Lloyd is an actor, comedian and improviser who has performed extensively all across Australia, the UK and North America. On stage he was a member of the cult musical comedy group The Dodge, Artistic Director of improvisational comedy group The Crew

  • 02:38 Popular Michael Cook

    Michael Cook

    by Admin Added 472 Views / 0 Likes

    What's Cooking? Michael originally from sunny Queensland is a real breath of fresh air and professional in every sense of the word. His talents and enthusiasm coupled with his hard working and down-to-earth personality have built him a great rapport with

  • 01:58 Popular Chantelle Raleigh E! HOST Audition Australia 2014

    Chantelle Raleigh E! HOST Audition Australia 2014

    by Admin Added 555 Views / 0 Likes

    Chantelle’s composition of talents: presenting, hosting,acting, modeling and dancing. Her adaptable & quick learning approach means she is fast becoming one of Australia’s most popular up & coming national personalities. Chantelle&rsqu

  • 01:50 Popular Matthew R  Grego Showreel 2015 Final

    Matthew R Grego Showreel 2015 Final

    by Admin Added 584 Views / 0 Likes

    My work with Channel Nine, Online Courses Australia's cinema advertising campaigns, Discovery Channel and the Seoul Broadcasting Service (South Korean Television) have given me the grounding I need to provide you with the performance you want. Also, with

  • 02:26 Popular Rebecca Jane Harris Showreel

    Rebecca Jane Harris Showreel

    by Admin Added 1,401 Views / 0 Likes

    I have been acting since I was 7 years old. Training in singing, dance and acting. I have had roles in film and television productions and am currently a host for the Youtube Channel 'Hollywood Teen Movies'.

  • 04:56 Popular Rhydian Lewis

    Rhydian Lewis

    by Admin Added 770 Views / 0 Likes

    Hello, I'm very easy to work with and I have never had a disappointed client (to my knowledge). I've been a professional for over 20 years, Ive been lucky enough to work for some amazing clients all over the world. I've acted in over 75 T.V.C.s' and I'm c

  • 01:03 Popular Olivia Charlotte

    Olivia Charlotte

    by Admin Added 4,599 Views / 0 Likes

    I am a professional actor, presenter and personal trainer skilled in dance, boxing and martial arts. I am passionate about performing and keeping fit. "I couldn't do anything else!"

  • 03:02 Popular Sumon - Actress Showreel

    Sumon - Actress Showreel

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    Sumon is a Burmese-born multilingual Australian Actress, Model, Producer, Host, Voice-over and Philanthropist who has worked on numerous feature films, short films, TV commercials, web videos and advertisements within Australia and internationally.

  • 01:20 Popular World Explorer - Tyson Mayr Job Application (Success :)

    World Explorer - Tyson Mayr Job Application (Success :)

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    This was my initial application for Jauntaroo's Chief World Explorer Position!!$100,000, 12 months travelling the world, sharing Jauntaroo's amazing destinations & unique VolunTourism opportunities.I made the Top 50 with the video above & the Top

  • 02:31 Popular Sophie Eshman

    Sophie Eshman

    by Admin Added 830 Views / 0 Likes

    Check out my latest Showreel and Voiceover reel! I love acting, to bring life to a character from script. I Love my city -SYDNEY. Kids Entertainment is my passion and i am an experienced host/presenter.

  • 08:31 Popular Rae Johnston

    Rae Johnston

    by Admin Added 529 Views / 0 Likes

    10+ years professional industry experience in acting, modelling, presenting,hosting and voice over work for film, television, theatre, corporate, radio, stills and live events. I am a video game, consumer technology, social media, comic book and pop cultu

  • 04:05 Popular Rachael Penrose Hosting Showreel

    Rachael Penrose Hosting Showreel

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    Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Rachael is a highly trained, experienced and professional individual in her field. Starting at age 3, Rachael has trained in numerous dance styles including jazz, contemporary, tap, hip hop and cabaret, which began he

  • 07:26 Popular Justine Jade - Host / MC/ Allrounder

    Justine Jade - Host / MC/ Allrounder

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    Comedian, Singer, Actress, Host/MC; hosted for Lacoste at the Aus Open for years, MC'd the ANZ Netball Championships with Melbourne Vixens, and the T20 Big Bash League,with Glen Moriarty & Melbourne Renegades. With five years under her belt at Nova100