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  • 00:25 Popular Ash Morse

    Ash Morse

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    Age: 30 Body Type: Athletic Occupations: Performer, Composer, Hypnotherapist Music Featured 3 times on Australian National Television (Channel 9 & ABC) Anthem for Australian National Wine Festival during Aussie Wine Month Performed in London's highly

  • 01:00 Popular Kaity Oliver

    Kaity Oliver

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    A person whose purpose in life is to entertain. You get what you see and much more. I am extremely focused and committed to any task that may be put to me. I love to laugh and make others laugh. This is not a hobby for me. I quit my stable office job for

  • 00:41 Popular Gildo Santos Junior

    Gildo Santos Junior

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  • 07:02 Popular Penny Palman

    Penny Palman

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    Clips from Dance Cancer Initiative, Today Show and The Bachelor Australia So much fun!

  • 03:02 Popular ADAM WILLIAMS


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    ADAM WILLIAMS - Host - Model Mentor - Style Coach - Judge - Asia's Next Top Model (S1-2) - Vietnam's Next Top Model (S4-5) - Australia's Next Top Model (S7) - So You Think You Can Dance (S1-2-3-4)

  • 02:31 Popular Tony Collier

    Tony Collier

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    I am an aspiring Hollywood Actor who possesses a vast array of talents. I have just finished auditioning for a lead speaking role in Pirates of the Carribean 5!! My goal for being on here is to put in quality performances for those who wish to include me

  • 03:45 Popular Mat Glessing

    Mat Glessing

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    I am an eager and energetic Canadian who is looking to continue his stage and screen acting/modeling career. I love to play and experiment while maintaining a professional work ethic.

  • 02:37 Popular Yasmin Bushby - Corporate TV Presenting Showreel

    Yasmin Bushby - Corporate TV Presenting Showreel

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    Experienced Corporate and factual TV Presenter Yasmin Bushby. A warm engaging presenting style that can suit a wide range of media requirements. Expertise in science and in factual presenting. Yasmin's speciality is in explaining complex topics in an acce

  • 01:56 Popular Jono Molloy

    Jono Molloy

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    I'm a confident, witty, funny and experienced TV and Radio presenter, voice over artist and commercial model. I cope well under pressure and have a great ability at "ad libbing" and "off the cuff" comments. I am experienced and confident in working with a

  • 05:28 Popular SOPHIE CRENIGAN


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    A real talent! Sophie Crenigan projects her warmth and charisma right throughout her showreel which includes snippets from infotainment and fashion through to snow reports and kids educational..... Sophie is a versatile "It factor" presenter. Contact Soph

  • 03:49 Popular Evan Spargo - TV & Events Host

    Evan Spargo - TV & Events Host

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    Evan Spargo is an Australian/Filipino television and events host based in the Philippines. The showreel highlights his hosting/presenting work over the past 3 years across Australia and Asia. Most notably, his roles as 2012 Male Face of Caulfield (Melbour

  • 02:50 Popular Sasha Jacques - Host

    Sasha Jacques - Host

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    TV Presenting Showreel - Sasha Jacques (lifestyle presenter, travel presenter, music presenter, fashion presenter, adventure presenter, wildlife presenter, children's presenter)



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    Vivacious, charismatic and driven are only a few words used to describe this young tenuous dynamo, Krystle McGill. At 22, she has taken her focus and career to new heights that most celebrity and media personalities have not even achieved, she has worked

  • 02:12 Popular Kylie Riddle Actress

    Kylie Riddle Actress

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    Acting is my passion. This year so far has been great, I have just returned from LA where I was able to learn from amazing people in the industry as well as be in a Web Series. Since being back, I have been in a Feature Film, short films, TVC's, Series an

  • 02:02 Popular Katie Orrock

    Katie Orrock

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    Mistaken Euphoria TV is here, and we'll be bringing you the biggest dance tunes from some of the UK's hottest artists! Iam a fun, friendly girl who enjoys new challenges and always puts 110% into everything I do! I am an aspiring singer/presenter/actress

  • 01:57 Popular Nicola Kelleher

    Nicola Kelleher

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    I recently co hosted and narrated a six part TV series for Animal Planet which was filmed in Africa and will be shown in 2014. I am a regular TV Host for Psychic Today on Sky channel 886. I am also an actress and an agency represented model. I have appear

  • 02:13 Popular Henry Morris - HostShowreel

    Henry Morris - HostShowreel

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    Henry Morris - Presenter Showreel henry_morris14@hotmail.com Produced By - The Presenter Studio www.presenterstudio.com info@presenterstudio.com

  • 06:00 Popular GUY FENTON


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    Health scientist Guy Fenton is presently producing and presenting a health documentary series . Guy is available to cast for health programs, travel and advertorial. His warm smile and clean cut image also makes him suitable for a variety of other genres.

  • 04:02 Popular Jodie McCallum TV Host

    Jodie McCallum TV Host

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    Scottish TV Presenter based in London

  • 03:22 Popular Samantha Dorrance - TV Host (SHOWREEL)

    Samantha Dorrance - TV Host (SHOWREEL)

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    Television Host Samantha Dorrance - Showreel http://www.daamanagement.co.uk/clients_detail.asp?id=165 For work enquiries contact: Charlene McManus at DAA Management Tel: 020 7255 6124 Fax: 020 7255 6128 charlene@daamanagement.co.uk www.daamanagement.co.uk

  • 03:10 Popular JULIAN EVANS


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    Julian Evans is a very accomplished journalist/TV Host Skills include: Research; writing; presenting and producing. Julian is an all-rounder and is available to cast for your next program. Contact him at cast@tvproglobal.com

  • 04:05 Popular SABEENA MANALIS


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    Introducing a super versatile talent.... Sabeena Manalis shines in every segment on her showreel. With both a hosting and acting background, she truly is the full package! Her reel exhibits: infotainment; kids recreational; charity promo and music....all

  • 05:12 Popular Ben Hunte - Host Showreel

    Ben Hunte - Host Showreel

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    Ben Hunte - Presenter Showreel ben.hunte@me.com

  • 03:45 Popular Mel Parsons

    Mel Parsons

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    Mel Parsons New updated TV Host Showreel Filmed in the heart of Melbourne, Australia - January 2013 Working towards turning my dreams into a reality! My ultimate full time career : ) Enjoy! : ) x

  • 05:00 Popular James Crompton

    James Crompton

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    I am an actor, writer, musician,host and MC. I enjoy all aspects of the creative experience and am looking for professional work. I am hard working and have a good work ethic and am very adaptable. I have a talent for both comedy and drama. I have had a l

  • 04:15 Popular JAMES CURTIN


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    British speaking versatile performer. 14 years in the television/entertainment industry with experience as on screen talent, host, commentator & various performance based roles. Career highlight to date is performing infront of 9,000 in Wembley Arena

  • 05:43 Popular Ethan Brown

    Ethan Brown

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    I live in Richmond Victoria and have always had a passion for acting. Im currently a student doing journalism for broadcasting. I have experience with being behind and infront of the camera and also editing. I have been on channel 31 with myself and my fr

  • 00:42 Popular Alex Wilcox ident

    Alex Wilcox ident

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    Video profile for model Alex Wilcoxbmamodels.com/models/6213/2/Alex%20WModel: Alex WilcoxMusic: A Lull - Im On Fire (I do not own the copyright to this soundtrack)

  • 02:35 Popular Port & Shopping Presenter Audition

    Port & Shopping Presenter Audition

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    This is my Port & Shopping Presenter audition! I've been a professional host, emcee and presenter since 1990. Seasoned voice over guy, on-camera host, actor and brand ambassador, as well.

  • 04:02 Popular Adèle Schober Host/Presenter Reel

    Adèle Schober Host/Presenter Reel

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  • 01:22 Popular Marc Burgum Promotional Video

    Marc Burgum Promotional Video

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    Hi i'm Marc , a male model, presenter ,host and actor. I'm friendly, genuine, confident and highly motivated to achieve the best possible results. @marcburgum

  • 03:03 Popular Laura Surrich

    Laura Surrich

    by Admin Added 540 Views / 0 Likes

    I am an aspiring Actor, Singer, Music Producer and Writer. I am looking at furthering my career and making the most of opportunities that come my way. Production website: http://soundcloud.com/laura-surrich-1

  • 11:31 Popular My 3rd Audition to Become the Host of =3

    My 3rd Audition to Become the Host of =3

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    A while ago, Ray William Johnson told us that he was going to be ending his show =3. He said that he had outgrown it and that it was time he moved in. But in his last episode of the series, he said that instead of ending it completely, he'd try and find a

  • 04:02 Popular My Travel Channel Host Callback Audition in New York | Vlog #2

    My Travel Channel Host Callback Audition in New York | Vlog #2

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    http://grrrltraveler.com/blogging/travel-channel-host/Last month, I was flown to New York City for a Travel Channel Travel Host callback audition.I know a lot of you are curious how it went. Hours before today's flight to Greece, I threw this video togeth

  • 01:51 Popular Check, Please! Cynthia Host Audition

    Check, Please! Cynthia Host Audition

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    Cynthia interviews herself for the Check, Please! host position.

  • 02:29 Popular Robin Darch

    Robin Darch

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    I am a professionally trained and experienced Melbourne based actor seeking challenging and interesting work in the industry.

  • 07:48 Popular Sol Walkling

    Sol Walkling

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    Founder BodyMindSol & International Model, Presenter and Facilitator Available for modeling, presenting, writing and included photography work; focus on health, sports, travel and lifestyle. Very active, toned and a healthy size 10-12.

  • 02:52 Popular Chloe Jean Hosting Showreel

    Chloe Jean Hosting Showreel

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    Hi, I have been working in the industry for some years with experience in all areas from photographic, catwalk, extra/ tvs and television presenting. I am professional, punctual, outgoing and enjoy what I do. Look forward to working with you. Cj :) www.fa

  • 01:50 Popular Josh Gurgiel

    Josh Gurgiel

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  • 01:28 Popular Monique Campanella

    Monique Campanella

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    Audition Video

  • 01:13 Popular Dr. Ruehl

    Dr. Ruehl

    by Admin Added 570 Views / 0 Likes

    Dr. Ruehl sent us his audition video to be the host/presenter for The Ultimate Diva. And may the power of the cosmos be with you too, Dr. Ruehl! Yes! Yes! Yes!

  • 02:28 Popular Natalie Baker

    Natalie Baker

    by Admin Added 580 Views / 0 Likes

    Natalie can be very versatile in styling for characters. Natalie is interested in action films and fantasy films or TV series. She attends ongoing screen acting classeswith 'The Adventures of Skippy' actor, Joss McWilliam and enjoys it thoroughly. Natali

  • 01:46 Popular Matt Oxley

    Matt Oxley

    by Admin Added 670 Views / 0 Likes

    Honesty, Creativity, Boldness, Fun. Training and talent are my foundations, but excellence and passion are my motivations to continually develop my skills with regular work and classes. I love what I do and I hope we can work together no matter the scale

  • 01:57 Popular Karell Andrea Hosting Showreel

    Karell Andrea Hosting Showreel

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    Performer Skills Performance Skills: Stunts, Stage Combat, Singing, Dancing, Voiceover Athletic Skills: Ice Skating, Rollerblading, Gymnastics, Swimming, Yoga Accents: American-General, American-Southern States, Australian, French Spoken Languages: Frenc

  • 04:02 Popular Reuben Dabrow Showreel

    Reuben Dabrow Showreel

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    Reuben Dabrow Showreel 2014

  • 03:16 Popular Benjamin Norris

    Benjamin Norris

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    Speaking as Benjamin's manager, I can confidently say that Benjamin is a well traveled, well presented, well spoken all round TV star. Big Brother catapulted him into the Australian spotlight and his work in the entertainment industry over the last 3 year

  • 02:26 Popular TV Host Showreel Belinda Joh

    TV Host Showreel Belinda Joh

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    Most people call me crazy, but I prefer the term highly spirited. An accomplished and talented voice-over artist & MC, I create my own YouTube series based on my travels and have experience in TV Hostingand Acting in Australia, USA and Europe. Previou

  • 03:28 Popular Joel Hurrey 2016 show reel

    Joel Hurrey 2016 show reel

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    Joel Hurrey is an adventurous andvery experiencedtelevision presenter. After making his debut on Australia's number one renovation show Domestic Blitz, airing On the Nine Network he hit the ground running. Co-hosting Entertainment shows on GO! Travel Show

  • 03:23 Popular Brent Carter Anderson

    Brent Carter Anderson

    by Admin Added 685 Views / 0 Likes

    Hey there, Hi there, Ho there! I am an enthusiastic Canadian looking for presenting and acting roles. If you're looking for a high energy yet down-to-earth and professional yet humourous personality then I am your guy! Having worked as a wilderness expedi

  • 03:45 Popular Danielle Connor

    Danielle Connor

    by Admin Added 603 Views / 0 Likes

    I have studied and worked in NYC as a stage, musical theater, screen and voice over artist. I have also worked in Massachusetts, London and Ireland. I love working with new people, collaborating and adapting. I love touring, creating and learning.