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  • 08:56 Belinda Kelly

    Belinda Kelly

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    Actor Model Presenter. Host - Try Time KwickieTV. For full bio email belinda@belindakelly.com

  • 06:17 Thomas Halfpenny Audition Video

    Thomas Halfpenny Audition Video

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    My audition video for the position of Activity Host created on Movavi Video Editor. I only have the Trial version so a Watermark will appear occasionally.

  • 04:11 Popular yesimvictor


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    This video is about Carnival cruise activity host audition

  • 04:38 Popular Shopping Host Audition!

    Shopping Host Audition!

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    Dennis & Pilar M.M

  • 02:31 Popular Justin Almanzar - Carnival Activity Host Audition Video 2017

    Justin Almanzar - Carnival Activity Host Audition Video 2017

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    2017 Justin Almanzar

  • 01:22 Bree on the Brink - Travel Show Host Audition

    Bree on the Brink - Travel Show Host Audition

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    Hi there, this is me - Bree from Bree on the Brink.com http://www.breeonthebrink.com/ and this is my video. I am auditioning for a Travel Show Host with World Nomads. I'm an modern, Indian girl with a heart for adventure, passion to travel and a zest to d

  • 05:10 Shane Clark

    Shane Clark

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    I am auditioning to be the Host of the new Revolt TV Show, Lit City! Please watch and share! Thank you!

  • 09:36 Tim Estiloz  Host Audition Reel

    Tim Estiloz Host Audition Reel

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    Tim Estiloz audition video for QVC - or consideration of other on-air hosting opportunities. - Be sure to subscribe at : https://www.youtube.com/user/FilmFanTV - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TimEstilozAr... - Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tim

  • 04:54 Host Audition 2016

    Host Audition 2016

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    Here's a little about me... - I am the leading cast on A&E Network's Big Rig Bounty Hunters. - I was an Executive Pharmaceutical Sales Professional for 10 years hosting diabetes education classes for doctors and patients. - Have a Bachelor's degree in

  • 05:25 Popular DEMO: Entertainment Host (SkedLive)

    DEMO: Entertainment Host (SkedLive)

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    My demo reel as an entertainment host for SkedLive.

  • 05:04 Popular Kaleigh Krish  - Entertainment Host | Sports Reporter | On Camera Talent

    Kaleigh Krish - Entertainment Host | Sports Reporter | On Camera Talent

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    Kaleigh Krish Kakes88@hotmail.com Twitter @misskrish IG @kakes88 1-707-228-9749

  • Popular Stef Chang

    Stef Chang

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    Actress, Model, Performer, Host, Promoter • Instagram @stefchang • Twitter @stef_chang • Facebook.com/stefchang

  • 01:58 Popular Jack Crnjanin

    Jack Crnjanin

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    Currently a host for Melbourne community TV and an announcer for Brisbane community radio, I've studied Film & TV production and I'm using my varied skills and passions to turn heads in Australia's interactive entertainment industry

  • 03:37 Popular Diana Gyllen

    Diana Gyllen

    by Admin Added 149 Views / 1 Likes

    I'm a happy, flexible and well organised full-time professional model and actor. I have been modelling for over 10 years internationally. Throughout my career I have appeared on magazine covers, billboards and large multimedia campaigns. A few years ago I

  • Popular Mitch Tambo

    Mitch Tambo

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    Acting/Presenting/Hosting - As a TV presenter I have worked all over Australia predominately in remote communities. Through my experiences I have worked as a Co - Host and currently the host of a series, I’m very outgoing, enjoy travel, adventure, m

  • 02:50 Popular DJ JAZZY


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    DJ Jazzy is the new face and sound of kids music she is a pioneer, a new breed never seen before. She is a DJ, Producer, Singer, Songwriter, Dancer, Host, Photographer, Filmmaker, technology Wiz with a passion for young people. Her performances and shows

  • 02:18 Popular Cris Cochrane

    Cris Cochrane

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    Cris Cochrane is an Australian actor known for performances in feature films, shorts, TVC's and music videos. A versatile actor, he pursues roles that push his range, emotions and experience, and isn't afraid to perform characters that are socially flawed

  • Popular Rachel Kim Cross

    Rachel Kim Cross

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    Rachel Kim Cross is an Australian actress and model. She graduated from The Australian Academy of Dramatic Art. She currently splits her time between Sydney and Los Angeles.

  • 02:04 Popular Ashley J

    Ashley J

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    I'm an actor, singer and host based in Melbourne Australia. I've worked in entertainment for Disney Cruise-lines, portrayed lead roles in musicals such as Jesus Christ Superstar as Mary and Alice In the Addams Family Musical, performed as a feature singer

  • 02:47 Popular James Preston

    James Preston

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    Short showreel showcasing James Preston's acting, hosting/panellist duties and music performance. Includes dialogue scenes. He has appeared on national television, secured the lead role in a network sitcom and is set to be seen internationally on feature

  • 33:58 Popular Sarah O'Hara

    Sarah O'Hara

    by Admin Added 233 Views / 0 Likes

    The Re-Movalist: Interview with Ido Portal. Ido talks about making friends with being a beginner, the importance of adaptability in movement and in life, the three i's of mastery, the endless possibilities of getting re-moving and much more. For more info

  • Popular Will McCloy

    Will McCloy

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  • 01:10 Popular Siobhan Barnes Host With The Most Contestant

    Siobhan Barnes Host With The Most Contestant

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    Siobhan Kate Barnes - 24 - Melbourne VIC Passionate - Loving - Driven Actress - Host - Model - Voice Over

  • 03:29 Popular Travis Clark

    Travis Clark

    by Admin Added 237 Views / 0 Likes

    I would vey much like to be a star on Host With The Most and I am actively seeking Presenting/Hosting roles from TV/YouTube commercials to Corporate/Business Internal content. So far in my career I have been performing, presenting, hosting and facilitatin

  • 02:36 Popular Katherine Hynes

    Katherine Hynes

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    Katherine Hynes is an Australian-American actor, voice over artist, host and media talentbased in Sydney, Australia. Katherinecame to professional acting after successful careers as a Sydney radio announcer/journalist (2WS, 2SM, 2KY), television presenter

  • 02:11 Popular Lee Vezzoso

    Lee Vezzoso

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    My name is Lee Vezzoso and I truly believe I was born to be in front of the camera. Holding a strong love for acting and television hosting, I am working towards achieving my goal to be a well known television host/actress. In 2016 I received my first IMD

  • 01:57 Popular Daniel Tanners

    Daniel Tanners

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    I am currently working in the Sales Industry which I have been doing for the last 8 years. Have hosted in house YouTube videos for the auto industry. I am very good at engaging an audience and holding their focus. I am wanting to achieve with my hosting a

  • 08:13 Popular DIVYA DHINGRA


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    People say her smile has “that magic"... others say she was "born to host”.... but whatever the truth is, there is no doubt that Divya Dhingra has that special sought after quality that draws all types of people to her. So much so, she has att

  • 08:38 Popular Joel Micallef -  actor/host from Canberra, Australia.

    Joel Micallef - actor/host from Canberra, Australia.

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    My Name Is Joel Micallef, an aspiring actor/host from Canberra, Australia. I currently own a Youtube Channel in which I create videos weekly with a following of over 10,000 people. www.youtube.com/joelvlogs MY LINKS: • TWITTER: https://www.twitter.c

  • 02:27 Popular Daniel Gawned - Yeah

    Daniel Gawned - Yeah

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    Nova Radio Presenter Daniel Gawned has recently moved to Brisbane & is host of Nova 106.9’s Brand New Weekend Show ‘Pop Up Radio'. He can also be heard regularly in other time slots across the Nova Network. Daniel has worked on air with so

  • 03:01 Popular Lauren Ramsay - Media Host

    Lauren Ramsay - Media Host

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    Lauren Ramsay is an Australian media host and professional interviewer, who has directed and presented Live broadcast to over 1.5 million people in Australia and internationally, Interviewing some of the countries top Celebrities, Fashion designers and Pe

  • 03:23 Popular Blake Francis

    Blake Francis

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    My name is Blake Francis! I am a young determined 20 year old living on the Gold Coast of Australia. My passion is for the media industry specifically celebrity gossip, interviews, hosting, presenting and/or some screen time through acting. I have had my

  • 01:36 Popular Elly B

    Elly B

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    I am a freelance presenter ,host and actor. I’m well known for my work on Technobabble a BBC TV show for children about games, apps and technology (aired in the UK 2014-2015). I have worked with well known brands such as Microsoft, Dick Smith, KFC,

  • 02:06 Popular David M. Green - Showreel

    David M. Green - Showreel

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    David M. Green (28) is a comedian, writer, voice-actor and presenter. Born in Adelaide, he moved to Melbourne in 2010 to further his media career. DMG has written comedy for "Shaun Micallef's Mad as Hell" on ABC TV, as well as 891 ABC Adelaide, the Triple

  • 05:16 Popular Rebecca Leo Host  Showreel

    Rebecca Leo Host Showreel

    by Admin Added 474 Views / 0 Likes

    A bright, bubbly & infectious personality, I have a half glass full (or even overflowing!) attitude in life. At the age of 35 and after a recent spot as a guest co-host on The Project, and multiple radio interviews with Brisbane’s 97.3fm morning

  • 03:33 Popular Stuart Phillis Audtion

    Stuart Phillis Audtion

    by Admin Added 388 Views / 0 Likes

    A fit , healthy , non smoker. very confident horseman, motorcycle rider, water skier. Keen fisherman. car / motorcycle builder Radio announcer - host of 3hr Rock n Roll, Rockabilly show 24 years service in the police (Detective for13 years) Left Police se

  • 04:14 Popular Dimi Lekkas Host Showreel

    Dimi Lekkas Host Showreel

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    Dimi entered the corporate sector at the age of 19 and quickly discovered she had a ‘niche’ talent in sales and marketing at an early age and has had incredible success in business development, corporate promotions and relationship management.

  • 00:16 Popular Marayke Jonkers

    Marayke Jonkers

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    Marayke Jonkers is a Paralympic medal winning swimmer, paratriathlete and founder of Sporting Dreams, a grants program which helps athletes with disabilities. She is a qualified journalist with 15 years experience appearing on radio and television, and ha

  • 02:11 Popular Alex Croker

    Alex Croker

    by Admin Added 369 Views / 0 Likes

    You think that's stretchy, you should see my new skinny jeans - woah, they are stretchy! Watch me put the pegs on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AlRchXKUTOY SUBSCRIBE - https://www.youtube.com/user/TheOlfactoryEquation FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com

  • 02:48 Popular Syrus W

    Syrus W

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    THUMBS UP AND SUBSCRIBE Syruslife on FACEBOOK http://facebook.com/syruslife Syruslife on TWITTER http://twitter.com/syruslife Syruslife on INSTAGRAM http://instagram.com/syruslife watch the original video here http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.p

  • 03:17 Popular Sarah Yuki CK

    Sarah Yuki CK

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    Sarah Yuki CKan actress who was raised in California with Japanese korean background. born and grew up in Cupertino, USA. Her father was Japanese american, he passed away at her age 3 and mother moved to Korea. her father when he was young, had a show hos

  • 02:02 Popular Leela Varghese hosting showreel

    Leela Varghese hosting showreel

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  • 05:26 Popular Kayne Tremills showreel

    Kayne Tremills showreel

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    I'm an Australian TV Presenter/Actor, working consistently, around the world, in world class teams, making internationally broadcasted shows, since 2009. I have been incredibly fortunate in my career, and I'd love to continue this lifestyle.

  • 00:16 Popular Nicholas Barker Pendree

    Nicholas Barker Pendree

    by Admin Added 304 Views / 0 Likes

    actor, model, singer, host, voice-over artist. Speciality: character actor / comedy / catalogue modelling / baritone & counter-tenor - Interested in paid extra/ featured extra/ acting / singing work - (Sydney based) - Would suit corporate-type or Fath

  • 03:13 Popular Nelu Simonsz - HOSTING SHOWREEL

    Nelu Simonsz - HOSTING SHOWREEL

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    I love my work as a Paediatric Doctor. However, a few years ago I developed an instant passion for the screen after featuring in the marketing campaign at the hospital I was working at. Since then I have been in a commercial, had a bit part on the televis

  • 00:25 Popular Ash Morse

    Ash Morse

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    Age: 30 Body Type: Athletic Occupations: Performer, Composer, Hypnotherapist Music Featured 3 times on Australian National Television (Channel 9 & ABC) Anthem for Australian National Wine Festival during Aussie Wine Month Performed in London's highly

  • 01:00 Popular Kaity Oliver

    Kaity Oliver

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    A person whose purpose in life is to entertain. You get what you see and much more. I am extremely focused and committed to any task that may be put to me. I love to laugh and make others laugh. This is not a hobby for me. I quit my stable office job for

  • 00:41 Popular Gildo Santos Junior

    Gildo Santos Junior

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  • 07:02 Popular Penny Palman

    Penny Palman

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    Clips from Dance Cancer Initiative, Today Show and The Bachelor Australia So much fun!