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Health and Well Being Host

  • 09:10 Popular Inouk Mackay Showreel

    Inouk Mackay Showreel

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    Inouk Mackay is a familiar television face having spent several years appearing on the Seven Network. She worked as Seven's weekend weather presenter and as a reporter with their Victorian-based travel program Discover. Most recently she was a host and pr

  • 00:41 Popular Marissa Nieves

    Marissa Nieves

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    Marissa is a an established fitness and lifestyle model, NIDA qualified host and sought after nutrition, fitness and life coach. She can be seen in numerous print, editorial and television campaigns promoting her world and showing her true dedication to

  • 03:13 Popular Liz Cantor

    Liz Cantor

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    After a whirl wind year in 2005, which saw Liz beat 12 other contestants to win Channel 7’s reality show “The Mole”, the self confessed water baby has become a favourite on Seven Queensland. These days she is seen as the host of the Live

  • 02:58 Popular Luke Heath Fitness Host Showreel

    Luke Heath Fitness Host Showreel

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    Luke Heath is a highly regarded Australian Fitness Professional and Entrepreneur, Creator of his own Group Fitness programs, National Group Fitness Trainer and Presenter, Presenter of Luke Heath 5 Minute Workout Series, Personal Trainer and athlete.Luke '

  • 01:02 Popular Lola Berry Sizzle Reel 2014

    Lola Berry Sizzle Reel 2014

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    When it comes to getting the world excited about health and good food, there is very little Lola Berry won’t do. She’s convinced a TV host to swallow raw wasabi on live, national television. She’s dived into dumpsters on the streets of N

  • 06:18 Popular Romy Alwill

    Romy Alwill

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    In 2008 Romy was chosen as the vivacious interior design presenter for the Nine Network’sDomestic Blitz, a renovation show helping families in need.At the same time she establishedAlwill Interiors, specialising in interior design, furniture and crea

  • 03:06 Popular David Missio Host Reel

    David Missio Host Reel

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    David Missio Host Reel Having a Commerce degree with a major in marketing under his belt, David has a complete understanding of the marketing mix and his role in promoting clients products and services as a trustworthy and relatable brand ambassador. Davi

  • 01:28 Popular Shanan Noonan Tv Host Showreel

    Shanan Noonan Tv Host Showreel

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    Shanan Noonan is an up and coming Australian talent. Her professionalism, together with her charismatic presentation skills brings a fresh, energetic and genuine personality to the screen. Her passion, likeability and strong work ethic attract clients to

  • 01:20 Popular Carlee TV Hosting Showreel

    Carlee TV Hosting Showreel

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    Carlee Opitz shows us some of her more recent TV Commercials, infomercials and advertorials as a TV Host.

  • 01:27 Popular Amanda Coleman

    Amanda Coleman

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    Host/Voice Over/Commercial Face/Model You may well recognize Amanda Coleman from the ‘Blackmores’ series of commercials that recently aired. Amanda was signed to be the ‘face’ of ‘Blackmores’ for 12months for their ver

  • 06:07 Popular Andy Rosher

    Andy Rosher

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    Andy Rosher has been working in the media industry since 2000, he started out behind the camera as a sound recordist and producer – from recorded pieces to live television and he still works as a freelancer.Anyone and everyone who has met Andy has a

  • 03:14 Popular Amelia Ryan Model, Actor, Musician, Dancer and Host

    Amelia Ryan Model, Actor, Musician, Dancer and Host

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    I'm a graduate of the VCA who has worked extensively in Cabaret, Theatre, Film, TV, Radio and Voice Over. I've recently made the move to Hosting, following a year of training at NIDA (The Host) and am thrilled to be working in the industry. I am enthusias