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Entertainment Host

  • 03:02 Popular ADAM WILLIAMS


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    ADAM WILLIAMS - Host - Model Mentor - Style Coach - Judge - Asia's Next Top Model (S1-2) - Vietnam's Next Top Model (S4-5) - Australia's Next Top Model (S7) - So You Think You Can Dance (S1-2-3-4)

  • 01:56 Popular Jono Molloy

    Jono Molloy

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    I'm a confident, witty, funny and experienced TV and Radio presenter, voice over artist and commercial model. I cope well under pressure and have a great ability at "ad libbing" and "off the cuff" comments. I am experienced and confident in working with a

  • 03:49 Popular Evan Spargo - TV & Events Host

    Evan Spargo - TV & Events Host

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    Evan Spargo is an Australian/Filipino television and events host based in the Philippines. The showreel highlights his hosting/presenting work over the past 3 years across Australia and Asia. Most notably, his roles as 2012 Male Face of Caulfield (Melbour



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    Vivacious, charismatic and driven are only a few words used to describe this young tenuous dynamo, Krystle McGill. At 22, she has taken her focus and career to new heights that most celebrity and media personalities have not even achieved, she has worked

  • 02:02 Popular Katie Orrock

    Katie Orrock

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    Mistaken Euphoria TV is here, and we'll be bringing you the biggest dance tunes from some of the UK's hottest artists! Iam a fun, friendly girl who enjoys new challenges and always puts 110% into everything I do! I am an aspiring singer/presenter/actress

  • 03:22 Popular Samantha Dorrance - TV Host (SHOWREEL)

    Samantha Dorrance - TV Host (SHOWREEL)

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    Television Host Samantha Dorrance - Showreel http://www.daamanagement.co.uk/clients_detail.asp?id=165 For work enquiries contact: Charlene McManus at DAA Management Tel: 020 7255 6124 Fax: 020 7255 6128 charlene@daamanagement.co.uk www.daamanagement.co.uk

  • 04:05 Popular SABEENA MANALIS


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    Introducing a super versatile talent.... Sabeena Manalis shines in every segment on her showreel. With both a hosting and acting background, she truly is the full package! Her reel exhibits: infotainment; kids recreational; charity promo and music....all

  • 05:12 Popular Ben Hunte - Host Showreel

    Ben Hunte - Host Showreel

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    Ben Hunte - Presenter Showreel ben.hunte@me.com

  • 03:45 Popular Mel Parsons

    Mel Parsons

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    Mel Parsons New updated TV Host Showreel Filmed in the heart of Melbourne, Australia - January 2013 Working towards turning my dreams into a reality! My ultimate full time career : ) Enjoy! : ) x

  • 04:15 Popular JAMES CURTIN


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    British speaking versatile performer. 14 years in the television/entertainment industry with experience as on screen talent, host, commentator & various performance based roles. Career highlight to date is performing infront of 9,000 in Wembley Arena

  • 05:43 Popular Ethan Brown

    Ethan Brown

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    I live in Richmond Victoria and have always had a passion for acting. Im currently a student doing journalism for broadcasting. I have experience with being behind and infront of the camera and also editing. I have been on channel 31 with myself and my fr

  • 03:03 Popular Laura Surrich

    Laura Surrich

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    I am an aspiring Actor, Singer, Music Producer and Writer. I am looking at furthering my career and making the most of opportunities that come my way. Production website: http://soundcloud.com/laura-surrich-1