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Dating and Romance Host

  • 02:13 Popular Henry Morris - HostShowreel

    Henry Morris - HostShowreel

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    Henry Morris - Presenter Showreel henry_morris14@hotmail.com Produced By - The Presenter Studio www.presenterstudio.com info@presenterstudio.com

  • 02:52 Popular Chloe Jean Hosting Showreel

    Chloe Jean Hosting Showreel

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    Hi, I have been working in the industry for some years with experience in all areas from photographic, catwalk, extra/ tvs and television presenting. I am professional, punctual, outgoing and enjoy what I do. Look forward to working with you. Cj :) www.fa

  • 03:30 Popular Richard Lund

    Richard Lund

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    Passionate, commited, professional. I love challenging myself whether it be in acting roles, modeling jobs or hosting roles. The term "Good enough" doesn't exist with me and I always give my best with the high skill set I have. I love having a good time o

  • 03:43 Popular Pamela Blanche

    Pamela Blanche

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    Fun, sporty, energetic, determined, loyal & loving! Commercial face/Singer/Songwriter/Actor / Model / Host /Voiceover artist. Intermediate Presenter /Dancer/Comedian. Performed:- TV, Short Films / Extra / Stage musicals, Commercials, Studio's. Cafes,

  • 00:17 Popular GURU Gill

    GURU Gill

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    Professional Model, Actor and Host. I am good at following director's instruction and enjoy adding creative input. I work well alone and in a group.

  • 01:14 Popular Franc Violi

    Franc Violi

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    Franc Violi is the consummate performer: whether on Stage, Screen, as a Host or just reducing you to giggles at the dinner table, he’s a generous, quintessential character actor whose energy and warm personality shines out of everything he does. Sin

  • 03:06 Popular Shane Jolley

    Shane Jolley

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    Shane Jolley loves life. Whether it be as a television Presenter/Host, actor, media personality, radio presenter or corporate presenter - his warmth, wit and humour has proved over and over to be a winning combination. Based in the heart of 'Melbourne', A

  • 01:27 Popular Amanda Coleman

    Amanda Coleman

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    Host/Voice Over/Commercial Face/Model You may well recognize Amanda Coleman from the ‘Blackmores’ series of commercials that recently aired. Amanda was signed to be the ‘face’ of ‘Blackmores’ for 12months for their ver

  • 03:14 Popular Amelia Ryan Model, Actor, Musician, Dancer and Host

    Amelia Ryan Model, Actor, Musician, Dancer and Host

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    I'm a graduate of the VCA who has worked extensively in Cabaret, Theatre, Film, TV, Radio and Voice Over. I've recently made the move to Hosting, following a year of training at NIDA (The Host) and am thrilled to be working in the industry. I am enthusias

  • 05:10 Popular Sally Arnott- 2013. (Highlights Reel Of Modelling/Acting/TV Hosting Work)

    Sally Arnott- 2013. (Highlights Reel Of Modelling/Acting/TV Hosting Work)

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    Sally Arnott is an Australian actress, professional beauty, fashion and swimsuit international model and Lifestyle TV host. She was selected as a nation...

  • 01:30 Popular Kristina Moschella - Audition

    Kristina Moschella - Audition

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    This is my Host With The Most video audition . I hope you enjoy watching it just as much as I did making it. I am an Australian actor, host and it would be the most incredible opportunity to win this competition. I've been acting since I was 4 years old a

  • 01:01 Popular Allison's "On Location" Host Audition Video

    Allison's "On Location" Host Audition Video

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    I am hoping that my audition video shows my ability to captivate and entertain! Thanks for such a great opportunity, and I hope I can be of help with your series!As with my convocation video, my good friend MicahMedia filmed and edited this fine piece of