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Cookery Host

  • 01:00 Popular Kaity Oliver

    Kaity Oliver

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    A person whose purpose in life is to entertain. You get what you see and much more. I am extremely focused and committed to any task that may be put to me. I love to laugh and make others laugh. This is not a hobby for me. I quit my stable office job for

  • 03:49 Popular Evan Spargo - TV & Events Host

    Evan Spargo - TV & Events Host

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    Evan Spargo is an Australian/Filipino television and events host based in the Philippines. The showreel highlights his hosting/presenting work over the past 3 years across Australia and Asia. Most notably, his roles as 2012 Male Face of Caulfield (Melbour

  • 04:02 Popular Adèle Schober Host/Presenter Reel

    Adèle Schober Host/Presenter Reel

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  • 06:31 Popular Jess Nugent

    Jess Nugent

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    While I love modelling, hosting/presenting and acting; I have a passion for the entire creative process, especially when it comes together to create meaningful and stunning works of art. I study psychology because I am intrigued by the human mind and how

  • 01:02 Popular Lola Berry Sizzle Reel 2014

    Lola Berry Sizzle Reel 2014

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    When it comes to getting the world excited about health and good food, there is very little Lola Berry won’t do. She’s convinced a TV host to swallow raw wasabi on live, national television. She’s dived into dumpsters on the streets of N

  • 01:27 Popular Amanda Coleman

    Amanda Coleman

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    Host/Voice Over/Commercial Face/Model You may well recognize Amanda Coleman from the ‘Blackmores’ series of commercials that recently aired. Amanda was signed to be the ‘face’ of ‘Blackmores’ for 12months for their ver

  • 04:36 Popular Host/Hostess Audition

    Host/Hostess Audition

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    Hosting food/cooking show

  • 05:00 Popular Food Host Audition

    Food Host Audition

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    Food host audition

  • 04:44 Popular Angela Kennedy  - Hosting Showreel -  My Kitchen Rules !

    Angela Kennedy - Hosting Showreel - My Kitchen Rules !

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    Angela Kennedy is an Actress, Presenter and Host who graduated at Swinburne University with a Diploma in Performing Arts. Angela has also completed several short-courses, which include Audition Impact (TAFTA), Thea McLeod workshop (TAFTA), Theatre Studies

  • 01:01 Popular Allison's "On Location" Host Audition Video

    Allison's "On Location" Host Audition Video

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    I am hoping that my audition video shows my ability to captivate and entertain! Thanks for such a great opportunity, and I hope I can be of help with your series!As with my convocation video, my good friend MicahMedia filmed and edited this fine piece of

  • 03:53 Popular Food/Travel Show Audition Tape/ Jacquie Blaze (TV Host)

    Food/Travel Show Audition Tape/ Jacquie Blaze (TV Host)

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    I have the opportunity to host a cooking and travel show :)) Here's my audition tape ! (I hope you dig my webcam video) Please tell me do you think I should host a cooking and travel show ?

  • 03:50 Popular Welcome to Bondi Harvest!!!

    Welcome to Bondi Harvest!!!

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    Hey guys welcome to Bondi Harvest!!! We are a weekly cooking show featuring seasonal recipes and local produce from the best beach in the world! We do super healthy (but still tasty) recipes but like to throw in a few wicked desserts every now and then to