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  • 03:41 Popular Paranormal TV Pilot Host Audition Tape

    Paranormal TV Pilot Host Audition Tape

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  • 02:14 Popular Make TV Host Audition

    Make TV Host Audition

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    My name is Fred Kahl a.k.a. Coney Island's Great Fredini, and I am auditioning for the role of host for Make Magazine's upcoming TV project. I'm excited abou...

  • 03:14 Popular Joseph JU Taylor

    Joseph JU Taylor

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    I am passionate, enthusiastic and determined with a commitment to professional development and the craft of acting with the goal of living authentically in imaginary circumstances. I have completed programs at the Australian National Institute of Dramatic

  • 02:16 Popular Lee Bradley TV Host Showreel

    Lee Bradley TV Host Showreel

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    Host/British Voice Over/Commercials/Lifestyle and Beauty Expert For the last five years Lee Bradley has built a loyal and lucrative following appearing bi-weekly on live Television in both the U.S. and U.K. His relationship with philosophy, one of the gl

  • 08:39 Popular Steve Racer Host Audition

    Steve Racer Host Audition

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    I sent this in for a TV Show about tattoos. They wanted me to talk about myself, something I liked (my Mustang), my tattoos, eat something gross, and interview someone. So there you go.

  • 02:08 Popular Cindy Oemcke

    Cindy Oemcke

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    I am a professional TV presenter, host, dancer, model & actor. My main passions are TV presenting, acting and modelling and I have been lucky enough to have worked consistently in a variety of professional roles. I have been fortunate to have an excit

  • 01:50 Popular Matthew R  Grego Showreel 2015 Final

    Matthew R Grego Showreel 2015 Final

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    My work with Channel Nine, Online Courses Australia's cinema advertising campaigns, Discovery Channel and the Seoul Broadcasting Service (South Korean Television) have given me the grounding I need to provide you with the performance you want. Also, with

  • 01:35 Popular Lea Bournakas - Screentest workshop

    Lea Bournakas - Screentest workshop

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    Lea is a versatile actress with a mesmerizing personality, who is gifted with a natural ability to captivate an audience. Throughout her acting career, she has been trained by various industry professionals, which assisted her in gaining a significant amo

  • 00:17 Popular GURU Gill

    GURU Gill

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    Professional Model, Actor and Host. I am good at following director's instruction and enjoy adding creative input. I work well alone and in a group.

  • 04:05 Popular Carlos Diaz

    Carlos Diaz

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    I am a actor, presenter and host. On my profile you can view all my acting experiences, mostly in films. I studied presenting at NIDA and have presented shows such as 'Local Loop' and 'Vision Liverpool.' I am also the host of the radio show 'The Vibe' on

  • 03:02 Popular The Shopping Channel TV Host Audition - Jasmin

    The Shopping Channel TV Host Audition - Jasmin

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    I was super thankful to land an audition over the summer for TSC! Unfortunately I was a little too young for what they were looking for (I'm still a student!) but definitely a great experience. To those auditioning, go for it and goodluck!Hello!This video

  • 02:39 Popular Nick Barkl Showreel

    Nick Barkl Showreel

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    Nick Barkl is a performer from Sydney, Australia. He loves video games, jazz music and watching terrible movies. He is also the host of 'The Game Room' at http://www.youtube.com/thegameroomAUS. Nick has completed acting/music courses in Australia and abro