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  • 00:42 Popular Alex Wilcox ident

    Alex Wilcox ident

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    Video profile for model Alex Wilcoxbmamodels.com/models/6213/2/Alex%20WModel: Alex WilcoxMusic: A Lull - Im On Fire (I do not own the copyright to this soundtrack)

  • 02:35 Popular Port & Shopping Presenter Audition

    Port & Shopping Presenter Audition

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    This is my Port & Shopping Presenter audition! I've been a professional host, emcee and presenter since 1990. Seasoned voice over guy, on-camera host, actor and brand ambassador, as well.

  • 04:02 Popular Reuben Dabrow Showreel

    Reuben Dabrow Showreel

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    Reuben Dabrow Showreel 2014

  • 01:54 Popular Danielle Francis

    Danielle Francis

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    Actor, Model, Host , Photographer

  • 03:15 Popular Diego Arnary

    Diego Arnary

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    Modeling, TVC and Music Videos from 2010 to present.

  • 15:00 Popular Ivan Martin

    Ivan Martin

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    I have extensive experience in the fashion industry , working for brands such as Superdry or Denim & Supply. I feel I am a dynamic, efficient, open-minded and enthusiastic person as being able to follow instructions either with little or no supervisio

  • 03:45 Popular Jemma Clark

    Jemma Clark

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    RACK N STACK. (APPLES)Produced by D.I.N. Music Video Produced by FRESH LANE COLLECTIVE.

  • 00:53 Popular Michael Christie

    Michael Christie

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    Hi , Im Michael ,I am 25 from New Jersey. I ve always been told I could be a great actor and hit Hollywood by all my friend's and family. So they finally pushed me into giving it a go.. I used go just mess around but Ive been told through my years of bein

  • 01:05 Popular NICK HARRINGTON


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    I'm a trained actor, presenter and host. I have a confident, outgoing, comfortable personalty. I like adventure and new challenges. I'm easy-going and don't get phased by much. I'm well spoken, articulate, polite and courteous. I am currently studying Law

  • 02:59 Popular Diab Metry

    Diab Metry

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    A versatile and dedicated actor, willing to tackle any role head on with understanding and dimension. A unique talent that definitely stands out from the rest. Voted most fascinating actor May 2013 - http://www.starcentralmagazine.com/most-fascinating-act

  • 03:24 Popular Riley Nottingham Showreel 2014/2015

    Riley Nottingham Showreel 2014/2015

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    23 year old professional actor and singer currently based in Melbourne. Currently seen in ABC's The Gods of Wheat Stree Aran Michael Management P +61 3 9866 5800

  • 05:48 Popular Batuhan Gurel

    Batuhan Gurel

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    Batuhan Gurel is an actor who has played a wide range of roles in film and stage productions in the Europe and Australia. He recently performed on 'Strictly Ballroom The Musical Promo directed by Bazz Lhurmann. He got his acting training at NIDA, Sydney,