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  • 02:31 Popular Justin Almanzar - Carnival Activity Host Audition Video 2017

    Justin Almanzar - Carnival Activity Host Audition Video 2017

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    2017 Justin Almanzar

  • 01:58 Popular Jack Crnjanin

    Jack Crnjanin

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    Currently a host for Melbourne community TV and an announcer for Brisbane community radio, I've studied Film & TV production and I'm using my varied skills and passions to turn heads in Australia's interactive entertainment industry

  • 02:36 Popular Katherine Hynes

    Katherine Hynes

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    Katherine Hynes is an Australian-American actor, voice over artist, host and media talentbased in Sydney, Australia. Katherinecame to professional acting after successful careers as a Sydney radio announcer/journalist (2WS, 2SM, 2KY), television presenter

  • 01:57 Popular Daniel Tanners

    Daniel Tanners

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    I am currently working in the Sales Industry which I have been doing for the last 8 years. Have hosted in house YouTube videos for the auto industry. I am very good at engaging an audience and holding their focus. I am wanting to achieve with my hosting a

  • 03:23 Popular Blake Francis

    Blake Francis

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    My name is Blake Francis! I am a young determined 20 year old living on the Gold Coast of Australia. My passion is for the media industry specifically celebrity gossip, interviews, hosting, presenting and/or some screen time through acting. I have had my

  • 01:36 Popular Elly B

    Elly B

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    I am a freelance presenter ,host and actor. I’m well known for my work on Technobabble a BBC TV show for children about games, apps and technology (aired in the UK 2014-2015). I have worked with well known brands such as Microsoft, Dick Smith, KFC,

  • 03:33 Popular Stuart Phillis Audtion

    Stuart Phillis Audtion

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    A fit , healthy , non smoker. very confident horseman, motorcycle rider, water skier. Keen fisherman. car / motorcycle builder Radio announcer - host of 3hr Rock n Roll, Rockabilly show 24 years service in the police (Detective for13 years) Left Police se

  • 00:41 Popular Gildo Santos Junior

    Gildo Santos Junior

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  • 02:31 Popular Tony Collier

    Tony Collier

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    I am an aspiring Hollywood Actor who possesses a vast array of talents. I have just finished auditioning for a lead speaking role in Pirates of the Carribean 5!! My goal for being on here is to put in quality performances for those who wish to include me

  • 03:45 Popular Mat Glessing

    Mat Glessing

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    I am an eager and energetic Canadian who is looking to continue his stage and screen acting/modeling career. I love to play and experiment while maintaining a professional work ethic.



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    This reel captures the talent and energy of Dan Monskey’s approach to television hosting, in the world of adventure sports. Dan’s highly developed skills and abilities in extreme sports are rarely seen in the field of broadcast journalism and

  • 03:10 Popular JULIAN EVANS


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    Julian Evans is a very accomplished journalist/TV Host Skills include: Research; writing; presenting and producing. Julian is an all-rounder and is available to cast for your next program. Contact him at cast@tvproglobal.com