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Travel or Holiday Host

  • 01:22 Bree on the Brink - Travel Show Host Audition

    Bree on the Brink - Travel Show Host Audition

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    Hi there, this is me - Bree from Bree on the Brink.com http://www.breeonthebrink.com/ and this is my video. I am auditioning for a Travel Show Host with World Nomads. I'm an modern, Indian girl with a heart for adventure, passion to travel and a zest to d

  • Popular Mitch Tambo

    Mitch Tambo

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    Acting/Presenting/Hosting - As a TV presenter I have worked all over Australia predominately in remote communities. Through my experiences I have worked as a Co - Host and currently the host of a series, I’m very outgoing, enjoy travel, adventure, m



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    This reel captures the talent and energy of Dan Monskey’s approach to television hosting, in the world of adventure sports. Dan’s highly developed skills and abilities in extreme sports are rarely seen in the field of broadcast journalism and

  • 02:50 Popular Sasha Jacques - Host

    Sasha Jacques - Host

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    TV Presenting Showreel - Sasha Jacques (lifestyle presenter, travel presenter, music presenter, fashion presenter, adventure presenter, wildlife presenter, children's presenter)

  • 04:02 Popular My Travel Channel Host Callback Audition in New York | Vlog #2

    My Travel Channel Host Callback Audition in New York | Vlog #2

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    http://grrrltraveler.com/blogging/travel-channel-host/Last month, I was flown to New York City for a Travel Channel Travel Host callback audition.I know a lot of you are curious how it went. Hours before today's flight to Greece, I threw this video togeth

  • 02:26 Popular TV Host Showreel Belinda Joh

    TV Host Showreel Belinda Joh

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    Most people call me crazy, but I prefer the term highly spirited. An accomplished and talented voice-over artist & MC, I create my own YouTube series based on my travels and have experience in TV Hostingand Acting in Australia, USA and Europe. Previou

  • 03:28 Popular Joel Hurrey 2016 show reel

    Joel Hurrey 2016 show reel

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    Joel Hurrey is an adventurous andvery experiencedtelevision presenter. After making his debut on Australia's number one renovation show Domestic Blitz, airing On the Nine Network he hit the ground running. Co-hosting Entertainment shows on GO! Travel Show

  • 03:23 Popular Brent Carter Anderson

    Brent Carter Anderson

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    Hey there, Hi there, Ho there! I am an enthusiastic Canadian looking for presenting and acting roles. If you're looking for a high energy yet down-to-earth and professional yet humourous personality then I am your guy! Having worked as a wilderness expedi

  • 01:51 Popular Laura B

    Laura B

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    Experienced Actor, Presenter, Hoat ,Model and Writer

  • 02:01 Popular Jack Yip

    Jack Yip

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    Hello everyone! I am Happy Jackie! I am an aspiring, professional, hard-working & Super fun Actor & Radio Presenter & Host! I love the camera since I could remember! With a Bachelor of Arts in Media degree & the experience of interned &

  • 03:14 Popular Joseph JU Taylor

    Joseph JU Taylor

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    I am passionate, enthusiastic and determined with a commitment to professional development and the craft of acting with the goal of living authentically in imaginary circumstances. I have completed programs at the Australian National Institute of Dramatic

  • 01:50 Popular Matthew R  Grego Showreel 2015 Final

    Matthew R Grego Showreel 2015 Final

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    My work with Channel Nine, Online Courses Australia's cinema advertising campaigns, Discovery Channel and the Seoul Broadcasting Service (South Korean Television) have given me the grounding I need to provide you with the performance you want. Also, with