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  • 02:58 Popular Luke Heath Fitness Host Showreel

    Luke Heath Fitness Host Showreel

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    Luke Heath is a highly regarded Australian Fitness Professional and Entrepreneur, Creator of his own Group Fitness programs, National Group Fitness Trainer and Presenter, Presenter of Luke Heath 5 Minute Workout Series, Personal Trainer and athlete.Luke '

  • 03:06 Popular David Missio Host Reel

    David Missio Host Reel

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    David Missio Host Reel Having a Commerce degree with a major in marketing under his belt, David has a complete understanding of the marketing mix and his role in promoting clients products and services as a trustworthy and relatable brand ambassador. Davi

  • 01:01 Popular Bianka Demets Host Showreel

    Bianka Demets Host Showreel

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    Bianka shows us some of her more recent on-camera work.

  • 01:04 Popular Darren Dalton TV Host Showreel 2014

    Darren Dalton TV Host Showreel 2014

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  • 03:06 Popular Shane Jolley

    Shane Jolley

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    Shane Jolley loves life. Whether it be as a television Presenter/Host, actor, media personality, radio presenter or corporate presenter - his warmth, wit and humour has proved over and over to be a winning combination. Based in the heart of 'Melbourne', A

  • 02:16 Popular Lee Bradley TV Host Showreel

    Lee Bradley TV Host Showreel

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    Host/British Voice Over/Commercials/Lifestyle and Beauty Expert For the last five years Lee Bradley has built a loyal and lucrative following appearing bi-weekly on live Television in both the U.S. and U.K. His relationship with philosophy, one of the gl

  • 03:21 Popular BEN STARR a natural host

    BEN STARR a natural host

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    Ben Starr is a dynamic, engaging host with over 25 years media experience. Ben works as an announcer, voice over artist, radio programmer, MC and documentary filmmaker and is able to adapt to any situation.Ben combines’ his passion and enthusiasm fo

  • 02:39 Popular Nick Barkl Showreel

    Nick Barkl Showreel

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    Nick Barkl is a performer from Sydney, Australia. He loves video games, jazz music and watching terrible movies. He is also the host of 'The Game Room' at http://www.youtube.com/thegameroomAUS. Nick has completed acting/music courses in Australia and abro

  • 02:03 Popular DEB KRIZAK Hosting reel snippet 2014

    DEB KRIZAK Hosting reel snippet 2014

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    I'm a professional singer, actor, host and voiceover artist. As well as having obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Performing Arts, I have also gained a Grad Dip in Journalism (print and tv). My experience ranges from numerous professional music theatre

  • 02:55 Popular Cindy Latch TV Host demo reel 2013

    Cindy Latch TV Host demo reel 2013

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    Cindy Latch is a TV host and corporate spokesperson represented by the The Horne Agency (214) 350-9220

  • 02:52 Popular Simone Heng TV Showreel

    Simone Heng TV Showreel

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    Simone Heng is a Singapore-born Australian TV and radio presenter based in Dubai. (Simone gets her exotic looks from a Chinese Singaporean father and a Portu...