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Kids/Children’s Host

  • 01:58 Popular Jack Crnjanin

    Jack Crnjanin

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    Currently a host for Melbourne community TV and an announcer for Brisbane community radio, I've studied Film & TV production and I'm using my varied skills and passions to turn heads in Australia's interactive entertainment industry

  • 02:50 Popular DJ JAZZY


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    DJ Jazzy is the new face and sound of kids music she is a pioneer, a new breed never seen before. She is a DJ, Producer, Singer, Songwriter, Dancer, Host, Photographer, Filmmaker, technology Wiz with a passion for young people. Her performances and shows

  • 01:36 Popular Elly B

    Elly B

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    I am a freelance presenter ,host and actor. I’m well known for my work on Technobabble a BBC TV show for children about games, apps and technology (aired in the UK 2014-2015). I have worked with well known brands such as Microsoft, Dick Smith, KFC,

  • 07:02 Popular Penny Palman

    Penny Palman

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    Clips from Dance Cancer Initiative, Today Show and The Bachelor Australia So much fun!

  • 05:28 Popular SOPHIE CRENIGAN


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    A real talent! Sophie Crenigan projects her warmth and charisma right throughout her showreel which includes snippets from infotainment and fashion through to snow reports and kids educational..... Sophie is a versatile "It factor" presenter. Contact Soph

  • 02:50 Popular Sasha Jacques - Host

    Sasha Jacques - Host

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    TV Presenting Showreel - Sasha Jacques (lifestyle presenter, travel presenter, music presenter, fashion presenter, adventure presenter, wildlife presenter, children's presenter)

  • 03:22 Popular Samantha Dorrance - TV Host (SHOWREEL)

    Samantha Dorrance - TV Host (SHOWREEL)

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    Television Host Samantha Dorrance - Showreel http://www.daamanagement.co.uk/clients_detail.asp?id=165 For work enquiries contact: Charlene McManus at DAA Management Tel: 020 7255 6124 Fax: 020 7255 6128 charlene@daamanagement.co.uk www.daamanagement.co.uk

  • 01:28 Popular Monique Campanella

    Monique Campanella

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    Audition Video

  • 03:39 Popular Tim Harding (Psylo)

    Tim Harding (Psylo)

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    Multi-award winning Australian Singer/Actor/Host/TV Presenter

  • 02:26 Popular Rebecca Jane Harris Showreel

    Rebecca Jane Harris Showreel

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    I have been acting since I was 7 years old. Training in singing, dance and acting. I have had roles in film and television productions and am currently a host for the Youtube Channel 'Hollywood Teen Movies'.

  • 02:31 Popular Sophie Eshman

    Sophie Eshman

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    Check out my latest Showreel and Voiceover reel! I love acting, to bring life to a character from script. I Love my city -SYDNEY. Kids Entertainment is my passion and i am an experienced host/presenter.

  • 02:08 Popular Cindy Oemcke

    Cindy Oemcke

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    I am a professional TV presenter, host, dancer, model & actor. My main passions are TV presenting, acting and modelling and I have been lucky enough to have worked consistently in a variety of professional roles. I have been fortunate to have an excit